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Heating Solutions

A comfortable environment is an important factor to the success of your event, ensuring the guests are relaxed and able to enjoy themselves from the moment they arrive. UK Events and Tents can provide a wide range of heating options that can warm any event, large or small.

Every occasion has its own heating requirements, with a great deal being dictated by the season. During autumn and winter a marquee should be warmed sufficiently before guests arrive, while in spring and summer it is generally required to take the chill out of the air as dusk falls. However, the temperamental British weather must be taken into consideration at any time of the year.

Heating Options

We have an extensive range of efficient and safe heating solutions that are both mobile and easy to operate providing a fume free warm setting. Direct space heaters are an option if you can ensure that your marquee will have open sides at all times but as this is hard to guarantee we prefer to offer the indirect heating approach which provides a safe option in enclosed spaces.

Of course, the size and style of your location dictates the solution that will be most effective but our team has a wealth of knowledge and can advise on the best options, so contact us and we will be happy to help you.

UK Events & Tents 01525 713791

Our Heating Range

Heating Options

Option 1 Indirect Diesel heating

This heating solution is perfect for those with larger event and marquee requirements, helping to reach and maintain your entire area at a thermostatically controlled temperature through a steady flow of warmed air.

These weather resistant diesel units channel hot air in a fuel efficient manner directly into your function while the heater itself remains safely outside. They are also an effective option for heating an area quickly.

Although they can appear to be a more expensive option than direct space heaters, their benefits far outweigh the difference, with indirect heaters providing cleaner fuelling options and ensuring all fumes remain outside your event area.

Option 2 Indirect gas heating

If you are looking for a solution that will quickly heat a marquee or other event space then these gas heaters work perfectly, providing clean, warmed air via a reliable and safe route.

These efficient heaters are great in places where there is limited ventilation (especially if all sides of your marquee will be closed), delivering fume free, temperature controlled heating. There is no naked flame and the unit remains outside with the heat directed in via carefully positioned ducting.

UK Events & Tents 01525 713791

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With great quality, at competitive prices, we can provide all your furnishing needs and perhaps our experienced team can offer some additional ideas to really make your event stand out from the rest. No matter what type of function you are holding or what type of atmosphere you are trying to create, UK Events and Tents can help.

So whether you are looking to hire a single independent item or would like to discuss a package for your special day, just give us a call.

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From small intimate family gatherings, to Weddings or Large corporate functions - If you want to discuss your requirements, get in contact with us today and we will be happy to help you.

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